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Ah, Welcome by Vinomath Ah, Welcome :iconvinomath:Vinomath 15 14 Muzzle Study by Vinomath Muzzle Study :iconvinomath:Vinomath 1 1 A Maid by Any Other Name by Vinomath A Maid by Any Other Name :iconvinomath:Vinomath 20 10 Done with Work by Vinomath Done with Work :iconvinomath:Vinomath 4 2
Girls Night Out (Kassandra TF/TG/MC) [CE]
"There's always one of them." Kassandra commented to herself once the passed out parier shifted into a maid. The party was over so anyone left behind after the fact would have the "pleasure" of becoming the person who cleans up after the rest. It made Kassandra's post-party night much easier and let her enjoy some alone time after rather than taking hours to pick up. She smiled as the maid got up and looked herself over, seeing nothing wrong with herself and got to work. There was especially a lot of vomit that needed cleaning up this time around which Kassandra was thankful it wasn't her problem anymore.
She smiled to herself and flopped down on a sofa, kicking her paws up and putting her hands behind her head. She closed her eyes, more to relax as the likelihood of her going to sleep was very slim thanks to her insomnia. However, Kassandra noticed something off. She was hearing grunts, groans, and mumbling.
"What the hell...?" Kassandra sat up and located the source of it. The skunk
:iconvinomath:Vinomath 14 7
Kassandra by Vinomath Kassandra :iconvinomath:Vinomath 5 1 What to do With You...? by Vinomath What to do With You...? :iconvinomath:Vinomath 6 2 How Can I Help You? by Vinomath How Can I Help You? :iconvinomath:Vinomath 7 0 My Hands Are Tied by Vinomath My Hands Are Tied :iconvinomath:Vinomath 11 0
A Unique Cake (Anthro Tabby TG) [Gift]
There was a knock on Light's door, strange considering he wasn't expecting visitors. The Sabertooth Collie got up and opened the door, and certainly did not expect there to be a giant cake there! It was his birthday sure, but he wasn't sure who would even send this, or why for that matter. Light curiously looked around it, and noticed a note perched near the top. He carefully grabbed it and opened the letter, reading it. 
"Heya! I know we haven't known each other for a terribly long time, but I heard it was your birthday and what can I say? I like to go big! So enjoy the cake. Probably a lot to eat but hey, leftovers! It's on wheels so it's easy to move! -Nafster" 
"Why this...?" Light was a little confused at the gesture, but hey cake was cake! Tossing the letter back into the house, Light wheeled the cake inside. It looked to be some sort of ice cream one, frosting glazing the side and borders of each layer. He took a finger and slid it across, taking a sample of it. He nod
:iconvinomath:Vinomath 14 28
Olivia by Vinomath Olivia :iconvinomath:Vinomath 4 4 Nafster Headshot by Vinomath Nafster Headshot :iconvinomath:Vinomath 3 3 Spaghetti Sam by Vinomath Spaghetti Sam :iconvinomath:Vinomath 1 2
Bunny Prank (TF Quickie)
Billybob McGee was walking down the road, hands in their pocket. He whistled a small tune as he did when suddenly he felt liquid pour over his body. It was oddly sticky and pink in color. Billybob McGee swiped at the his arm and while the liquid came off, there would be pink fur showing underneath. Not only that, Billybob McGee's arms were much more slender, and his hands were small and dainty. His waist caved inward while two orbs of flesh found themselves on Billybob McGee's chest of fairly large size. His back pushed inward while his hips and rear both expanded out. Between Billybob McGee's legs manhood slipped away in vein of womanhood inside and out. A small cotton ball tail formed above her larger rear. Billybob McGee's feet grew out to large size as the tops became pink and the bottom white. Billybob McGee's ear grew much longer, becoming past the size of her head. Her face extended slightly with her nose becoming small and pink, and along with a cute little muzzle and buck teet
:iconvinomath:Vinomath 12 1
Locker Room Shenanigans by Vinomath Locker Room Shenanigans :iconvinomath:Vinomath 9 1
Sam's Button (All Kinds of TF)
"Are you sure this thing is safe Sam?" a concerned voice belonging to a man named Tyler asked. 
"Of course it is! I wouldn't of made it if it wasn't!" Sam reassured her friend. 
"Yeah but like...what if we get stuck as something and can't turn back?" Jasmine questioned just as nervous as Tyler was. 
"Come on guys!" Blake responded. "Do you really think Sam of all people would make and bring us something dangerous?" 
However, Blake was answered by the duo saying "Yes" simultaneously. 
"Look, I know you're doubtful considering how crazy it is, but after 24 hours it'll reverse everything and we'll be back here and only a minute would of passed! Think of it as some kind of super in depth hypnosis!" Sam explained.
"Hm...okay. I guess I that's fine then." Tyler responded with a sigh and small chuckle. 
"If Tyler is fine then I suppose I'm good with it too. It'd be awkward for just one of us to come home in their normal body." Jasmine added on. 
"Perfect! No
:iconvinomath:Vinomath 47 2

Random Favourites

For a Maiden's Hand (TG) - Page 1 of 2 by Ryusuta For a Maiden's Hand (TG) - Page 1 of 2 :iconryusuta:Ryusuta 230 118 Fairy Dust - Page 2 by Virmir Fairy Dust - Page 2 :iconvirmir:Virmir 29 15 Reverse-Gender Fish Pool by Virmir Reverse-Gender Fish Pool :iconvirmir:Virmir 75 22 Getting Into Character by Virmir Getting Into Character :iconvirmir:Virmir 59 5 Roboticization by Virmir Roboticization :iconvirmir:Virmir 46 10 La Femme Again by Virmir La Femme Again :iconvirmir:Virmir 75 6 La Purse by Virmir La Purse :iconvirmir:Virmir 71 9 Data Transfer by Virmir Data Transfer :iconvirmir:Virmir 121 37 Doovalacky by Virmir Doovalacky :iconvirmir:Virmir 38 13 Role Change by Virmir Role Change :iconvirmir:Virmir 31 16 Links Pearl by Da-Fuze Links Pearl :iconda-fuze:Da-Fuze 206 12
'Grand Opening' (Yakko)
Brooke was walking around aimlessly in the mall, not really looking for anything special. She walked past a few stores, until she saw a new shop opening. The store was called the “Animaniacs Shop”. That was awfully weird to Brooke. Not a Warner Bros store, but a store for just Animaniacs? She was a big fan of the show, but she had never seen a store like this!
Large models of Yakko, Wakko and Dot were positioned in the windows of the store, moving about in robotic motions sort of like the models in the Disney Store. Brooke decided to check it out. As she walked in, a bell sounded with a few riffs of the Animaniacs theme song, letting everyone know someone else had just entered.
A staff member, dressed in a white vest, brown slacks (ironically) and what looked like cosplay of the Warners’ ears and tail, waved and walked in front of her. “Welcome!” she exclaimed. “Feel free to look around, and have a zany time at our store!”
Brooke simply nodded,
:iconfidgetdigittfs:FidgetDigitTFs 8 0
To the Pageant: Minerva Mink TF/TG/MC (Trade)
Trade with Vinomath (
"Newspaper's here!" Aaron said to himself, getting his daily news as his neighbors questioned why they still exist.
Aaron was just your average man. Decent house, plenty of friends, and a good job. He had any man's normal interests... except he was also into modeling. Sort of. He knew that a body isn't everything about someone, but he sure wished he had a good one! Every day, Aaron works out, flexes in the mirror, and gives his chest a good wash to make it perfect. He greatly admired his sexy body, and always wanted women to think the same about it. He would always show of his body to women, and despite his efforts, it usually doesn't go well.
This upsets Aaron because he really wants to take being sexy to a new level! He doesn't just want to impress women, he wants to do this for a living! But needless to say, stuff like this wasn't made for men. So all Aaron could do was impress himself in the mirror and wish to actually look sexy
:iconcrazynaut:CrazyNaut 30 6
Tawna Bandicoot TG TF
"It's over, Preston. We just weren't meant to be. I hope you find someone, I really mean that." my ex-girlfriend Bree said as she hung up. It had been one of the worst days in recent memory; my girlfriend had called to tell me that she was breaking up with me for, of all people, my best friend Travis. Me and him had been friends ever since we met back in junior high, making the sting even more painful.
I took a deep breath as I plopped down onto my bed. I felt like burying my face in my pillow to dwell in my sorrow, but I had to go buy a new printer so I could print my term paper. The one I had, much like my relationship with Bree, was expensive and short-lasting. Normally I would search online, but I wasn't willing to wait for it to be delivered, thus leaving my options limited.
On my way to the mall, I noticed the nightclub that me and Bree used to frequent had a special tonight: couples get in for half-price. Figures, it seemed like it was me against the world today. I pulled in to
:iconbraverunner:braverunner 102 6
Contest Prize: New Guardian (Perci TG) by SpongeBat1 Contest Prize: New Guardian (Perci TG) :iconspongebat1:SpongeBat1 54 2


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Hello there! You appear to of stumbled upon my Deviantart page! I am Vinomath, a furry writer who loves character design and transformation! If you use Fur Affinity you may of seen me there under the name "naf45," but I do ask you to call me Vino(math optional) or Johnny! I am both Engaged to the loving Miss Vinomath, and I am asexual as well (no real sexual desire).

I'm quite friendly and love meeting new people so don't hesitate to approach me whether you're a new watcher, page lurker, or long time viewer! I love talking to all sorts of people! You can even add me on Discord under the name "Vinomath#9510." Just let me know you're coming from DA/FA!

My biggest passion is writing characters. I find the practice tons of fun, from designing appearance to forging distinct personality. It's part of the reason I was drawn to RP, it allows me to mess with characters I don't have to dedicate a lot of resources to.

For my fursona, I decided on a snow leopard by the name of Nafster (inspired by my Fur Affinity name, not the pirate music app!). He dresses like me, acts like me, shares the same mannerisms, he's essentially me if I was a snow leopard person! More info can be found in my character list! And yes, he is my icon!

If you want to talk shop about whatever, everything is open! DA Comments/Notes, Discord, you name it! Here are some links to various places you can find me and other information about me:

Join my Discord Server!:

My Discord server has in-house RP rooms and special RP events, a weekly discussion topic to make it easy to join in a chat, places to share what you've made recently, and tons of cool people. Like me!

Commission Info:…

List of characters I've created:…



Journal History


I have extended the deadline by another month as there were artists and writers a like who both said they were working on something, or needed more time so I am extending it to the end of the next month. THIS MEANS YOU GOT NO EXCUSE TO NOT ENTER! I tease, but I do also want more entries. The contest is important to me as it's personal in the way that I explained in the video posted here as well. So, hopefully the extension causes more people to join in! 

Current entrants: 15 (15/20 for max prize pool) 

Hello everyone! Today I am here to announce a brand new contest! It's been a while since I've held one, so I figured it was time to change this. I was planning on waiting until after Christmas, I wanted to ensure people had time to get things done and think of ideas for it. Some of you may or may not know this, but my birthday is on January 19th, and I'l be turning 21! I thought about this for a while, and I asked what would be fun? Well, Deviantart (and FA!) have both been a huge impact on my life, and many of my good friends I would of never met otherwise. As such, that's the theme of this contest, me and you! 

Update: If the contest gets 30 entries I will do a full cover of "Last Friday Night" by Katy Perry (15 more to go!)

Vino and Me!

What exactly is this contest? Well, you take me (can be as a human/Johnny or Nafster) and you (be it actual person or sona) and do anything with the two of us! Obviously transformation is preferred, BUT it does not have to be! The only thing is has to involve is myself and you! Every single one of my watchers (or even lurkers!) mean the world to me, and this contest is about you. I don't want this birthday/contest to be a celebration of my day of birth, but rather a celebration of the friends and fans I've made along the way! Thank you for supporting me all these years, and for any future support you give! 

Interested parties should contact me so I know you're entering, and when you post your entry please be sure to link it to me! Especially if you don't mention it to me it may get lost and I'll never see it! So mention me using :iconvinomath: and link it to me by notes, PM, whatever! 

Again, the contest is you and me doing anything together (going through a transformation, hanging out in some way, whatever! Yo ucan transform him, you can both transform, the world is your oyster!) This can be serious in tone, fun, silly, however you want to do it! There could be meaning to it and our friendship, or it could have nothing to do with it! It can be in any format to! Writing, art, heck make a poem if you want! I hope this will be fun for you. 

Special Video

New Deadline!

The new deadline is April 30! (3rd Monday of March)

Thank you all, and if you have any questions I'll be happy to answer! :) (Smile)

The Prize Pool is a little different, and as opposed to having set prizes, the first place winner gets first pick, second place gets second, and so on. With that, here is the current prize pool! (Subject to Expand!)  

Prize Pool (Disclaimer, the prize pool is subject to change if not enough entrants are met: 

20+ Entrants Prize Pool:

-$100 Value Commission Sponsor (Meaning I will help pay for a commission(s) that you want to get from anyone! You may also just accept it as $100. 
-1 Long (2,000-3,000+ words) Story, 1 Medium (1,000-1,600 Words) Story, and 1 Short (700-900 Words) Story
-1 Rule Free* Medium Length Request Story (no Micro/Macro, Weight Gain, or Muscle Gain. Nothing involving anime or mooost cartoons, ask me about this) 
-$50 Value Commission Sponsor (Meaning I will help pay for a commission(s) that you want to get from anyone! You may also just accept it as $50. 
-Appear in a Series! (You may put your character in any story series of mine! Patricia's, This Doesn't Make Sense at All, anything! 
-Quickie Bundle (5 Quickie Requests!) 
-Multi-Character TF (Up to 10!) 

15-20 Entrants

-$70 Value Commission Sponsor (Meaning I will help pay for a commission(s) that you want to get from anyone! You may also just accept it as $70. 
-1 Long (2,000-3,000+ words) Story, 1 Medium (1,000-1,600 Words) Story, and 1 Short (700-900 Words) Story
-1 Rule Free* Medium Length Request Story (no Micro/Macro, Weight Gain, or Muscle Gain. Nothing involving anime or mooost cartoons, ask me about this) 
-$25 Value Commission Sponsor (Meaning I will help pay for a commission(s) that you want to get from anyone! You may also just accept it as $25.
-Quickie Bundle (5 Quickie Requests!) 
-Multi-Character TF (Up to 8!)

10-15 Entrants

-$50 Value Commission Sponsor (Meaning I will help pay for a commission(s) that you want to get from anyone! You may also just accept it as $50. 
-1 Long (2,000-3,000+ words) Story and 1 Short (700-900 Words) Story
-1 Rule Free* Medium Length Request Story (no Micro/Macro, Weight Gain, or Muscle Gain. Nothing involving anime or mooost cartoons, ask me about this) 
-$15 Value Commission Sponsor (Meaning I will help pay for a commission(s) that you want to get from anyone! You may also just accept it as $15.
-Quickie Bundle (5 Quickie Requests!) 
-1 Medium (1,000-1,600 Words) Story,

These are the current prizes available, the more contestants, the bigger the pool gets! So be sure to spread the word! Please ensure to comment below if you're interesting in joining, and to spread the word! The more people entered, the higher you have the chance to win something! :) (Smile) 


If you post a journal advertising this contest with a link to this journal, I will write you a free quickie request, no strings attached! My only stipulation is no anime characters, OCs not owned by you (mine are fine), or actual people. Will also not do anything involving weight gain or micro/macro. That's it! Again, let me down below if you're planning on entering (or in PM) and let's do it! Make sure to tag me when you make a journal then note me with your request and link to said journal! 


Might(y) Roc(k)s  by LovecraftianThoughts by :iconlovecraftianthoughts:

Expecting Someone Else? (tftg contest entry)    “DING-DONG!” The sound made me jump – rarely anyone rang my doorbell these days. On the rare occasion I had guests, they usually called me cell phone to let me know I was here. Pretty much the only people who ever rang my doorbell were delivery men, and even then I hadn’t purchased anything online recently. Who could it be? Slowly, I walked to my front door and opened it up.
    Standing at the door was a man who looked vaguely familiar. He was slightly larger than me with lots of black hair and a small goatee, and he looked at me like he was disappointed or disapproving of something. I strained my memory – where had I seen him before? Then it hit me – the image of a man I had seen do writing streams in the past. “Johnny?” I asked incredulously.
    “Hi Chris,” Johnny said to me.
    “Dude, that’s just my nickname – you can ca
 by :icontalkingstick: 

meowstic and espurr TF (Contest) by diamondTY by :icondiamondty:

Opposites AttractThere comes a knocking on the door. Unexpected at this hour in the morning. Johnny opens the door,
"That'd be me."
Shocked, Johnny invites Ruairí inside. He offers a drink of something which is politely declined.
"So, what brings you out here? And how did you get my address?"
"I'll ignore the second question, but as for the first one, Happy Birthday" Ruairí produces a wrapped gift from the satchel he's wearing and hands it to Johnny. "I wanted to deliver it in person" As the paper is taken off, there are two interconnected pendants unveiled, both feline in look, creating the Yin and Yang symbol. "We each take one of the two pendants, and its a friendship bracelet type thing." Johnny takes Yin, leaving Ruairí with Yang. They both put the pendants on at the same time and something began to happen to them both.
Johnny shrinks two or three inches and his skin begins to sprout snow white fur, devoid of any spots. His ears migrate to the top of his head, and his
 by :iconruarbear:

Visitor in BlueNafster had looked forward to a quiet day at home, a book he had wanted to read for a long time. The anthro snow leopard in his signature hoodie settled into his comfy armchair, a large mug of hot cocoa sitting on the side table, the lamp shining on the book as he brought it to his lap.
He hesitated opening the book, thinking. His computer was off. His phone was off. He had double-checked the stove after making his cocoa to be certain it was off.
“Ding, dong,” the doorbell announced the predictable interruption.
Perhaps he could just ignore it? 30 seconds passed, and the doorbell rang again.
No. Whatever it was, it could wait. No one had called, no one was expected, and nothing was scheduled to be delivered. If it was important enough it could wait, and he could get to it later.
Another 30 seconds, and again the doorbell rang.
Nafster sighed. Whoever it was, they were persistent. He waited a little longer, before finally opening the book in his hands.
“Ding-dong, ding
 by :iconabnom:

A Lovely Game of Cards (Vino and Me Contest)Pen blew the dust off of an old box. The ferret and his friend Nafster were currently in the attic of Pen's house, looking through old boxes and such. "When you said we were going to do something fun, I didn't think it meant rearranging your attic." Nafster said, to the happy ferret. Pen triumphantly lifted up the box he had just cleared the dust off of. "I have found the Sacred Box of Destiny!" He said loudly.
"Excuse me?" Nafster said.
"I don't know. It's an old box of knick-knacks. Looks like a weird card game, really." Pen said.
"Ok fine. That sounds good enough to pass some time, what do you say we go downstairs and try to play a round?" Nafster said, hoping to get out of the musty attic.
"Okay!" Pen said cheerfully, waltzing down the staircase. Nafster followed happily. Pen sat down on the couch, and set out the box full of cards on the coffee table, Nafster sat in the chair to the side of the table. Pen pulled out a small piece of paper that seemed to be the directions. "So, eac
 by :iconwestenwurt:

A Unique Visit     Sitting up in his bed, Johnny yawned, stretching himself out. He looked over at the clock on his dresser, frowning as soon as he saw the time: 8:30 in the morning. Strange… he wasn’t used to sleeping this late. But no matter. It was a weekend, which meant that he had the whole day free! He could use it to catch up on some Transformation Month stories, chat with some friends on Discord, maybe even do a writing stream! Grinning, he jumped out of bed and started walking over to his computer, his paws brushing against the carpet as he went.
    Wait… paws?
    The moment the realization hit him, he suddenly lost his balance and fell over, landing on his bottom and knocking his head against his dresser. But the pain he felt from that was immediately forgotten once he got a good look at his feet… or rather, his paws. Large, feline paws, covered in black-spotted gray fur and complete with both claws and large black pads.
  by :iconrobertdayson:

A Standout Contest Entry - (Vino and Me Contest)
A Standout Contest Entry 

Contest entry for  "Vino and Me" contest by Vinomath 
August, 2016, a bored young man decided to create an account on the website known as Deviantart. It had a large user base of about 44 million people, and was divided into many communities, some stranger than others.
This man was looking to join one of the somewhat stranger communities, the one that enjoyed works of fiction centered around transformation. He came across this mysterious fandom while browsing the web one day, actually searching about a cartoon he enjoyed watching as a kid. During his search, he stumbled across a link to a tf story on none other than Deviantart itself, and he found that he rather liked the idea of people being transformed, so he kept reading more... and more... and more. Eventually, he began developing his own ideas for these stories and figured since it didn't seem so difficult to
 by :icontransformingguy:

A Not-so-silent Night  Eli, Cody, Andy, and Johnny were walking in the woods on an overgrown trail. Andy, twisting the map, said, "Cody, Eli? Are you sure we're going the right way? I think we missed a turn at--" He was cut off by Eli, who said nonchalantly, "I've been here a hundred times in Boy Scout campouts." Johnny speaks up. "Eli, you don't even have the map." Cody simply replies, "We've memorized the path." Him and Eli fist-bump. The four were going camping for a week in the Smoky Mountains. Cody and Eli were leading the way, with Johnny and Andy in single file close behind.
  A little while later, they come upon a clearing. Eli sighs and says, "So many memories..." Johnny comes up from behind and replies, "We can relish in nostalgia later. We need to set up camp before dark." As if on cue, Andy removes the tent from his backpack. After about an hour and a half of fumbling, the tent is up. They got a six-man tent so it could fit them and their stuff. Eli lights a fire and Cody produces hot
 by :iconsandspurdragonjunkie:

It's Your Party (Vino And Me Contest Entry)Nafster was just finishing his breakfast when he heard the now-familiar sizzle of his newest friend announcing her arrival by opening an interdimensional wormhole in his bedroom.
Sure enough, an anthropomorphic Lugia soon emerged, looking around. "Oh! There you are," she grinned, pulling a gift-wrapped box out of seemingly nowhere. "Happy Birthday!"
Nafster blinked, regarding her with a mixture of puzzlement and irritation. "Skye. My birthday was last week. You were there,"
Skye blinked. "Oh. Uh, sorry about that," she shrugged helplessly, before muttering; "You carbon-based life forms with your linear time. It's so confusing,"
"You know I can hear you?" Nafster questioned.
"And don't get me started on how silly this 'sound' business is," Skye pointedly added, before walking back into his bedroom. "Well, I'll see you last week!"
"Wait -" Nafster started, but she was already gone. "Huh. So that's what she meant last week,"
{One week earlier . . .}
Just as he was going to in a week's tim
 by :iconthelegendary0296:

Polar Cola (Polar Bear TGTF/MC) [Contest Entry]Nafster was given a rude awakening that morning.
He groaned as Ralf burst into the room, leaping about, the wolf full of energy. The poor snow leopard had to jam his head under the pillow, tightly cupping it over his ears.
“Come on, come on, wake up, Nafster!”, Ralf exclaimed excitedly. “Today’s the day I teach you how to snowboard!” Nafster just moaned in response. He had spent last night at Ralf’s house having something of a sleepover party that lasted past midnight, and yet here was his friend jumping about the place full of energy as if he had spent an eternity to recuperate so much energy.
“Aw, come on, don’t you wanna try? You’re a snow leopard! You’re gonna be a natural!”
“It’s 7 in the morning! It’s not healthy to get this little sleep, Ralf!”, protested Nafster wearily.
“We don’t have all the time in the world, Nafster! It’s at least a couple of hours flight to get to th
 by :iconthelupineone:

What to Draw - Anthro TF TG Page 1 (Contest Entry) by SparkBolt3020 What to Draw - Anthro TF TG Page 2 (Contest Entry) by SparkBolt3020 What to Draw - Anthro TF TG Page 3 (Contest Entry) by SparkBolt3020 by :iconsparkbolt3020:

I'm Sorry Vinomath by playfingers by :iconplayfingers:

Vino and me contest entry. by Cl0ckw0rkKn1ght by :iconcl0ckw0rkkn1ght:… by AnimePsycloneAF
Ah, Welcome
"You look surprised to see me, please shut the door and take a seat. I assure you that you're not in any danger, quite the opposite as a matter of fact. You are being given a gift, possible the greatest gift one can receive. Humanity is such a...flawed kind no? So many flaws, you're perfectly okay with simply being average, never aspiring to be something more; nay, something better. It's lucky you met with me today and not your old psychologist hm? If you're wondering where they are let's just say you'll see him soon, as your new loving husband. Of course, that's getting ahead of myself." Derek closes his watch and dangles it, the hypnotic effect grabbing hold to its victim. "I'm going to have a fun time with you..."

Commissioned Artwork by the talented ohgriz (FA) all credit to the art goes to him! 

Wanted to get another piece of art for everyone's favorite sociopathic birb. Derek uses his mystical pocket watch to hypnotize people how he sees fit. The trance is so powerful, it can force a human's DNA to obey his words to physically transform their bodies.
Android 21 has an infinite off of 5S

I love this game



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